Personal Miracles

As I arrived in United Kingdom and went through the test of faith in Allah and Jesus Christ, Allah gave me two miracles

  1. The turning of the sun from Maghrib
  2. The rain from heaven


Derby has witnessed it but it is not necessary for me to demand witnesses, for God Almighty Allah says

Wa Kafaa Billahi Shaheeda.

Meaning, Allah is Enough as The Witness. Amen.

I am John, Ahsan Nabi Khan, a scholar, reborn in Christ. I am a Muslim. Father Greg from the Holy Roman Catholic Church, St. Mary’s, a higher Saint that is guiding me, believes I am a Muslim. So its not me who decides who I am but the seat of Peter. Amen.

You know the real Power who does these miracles is Allah, in other words the Origin of Jesus Spirit. There is no name in English Language currently that is worthy of describing His Relationship with The Holy Ghost, but that He is the Progenitor of The Holy Ghost, The Almighty Generator of Jesus Body and Spirit. I know the simple understand Him as The Father Almighty, which only some muslims and jews accept, but to come to terms with the ordinary human beings in their three-dimensional lives, He is indeed The Father of Jesus Christ, making us servants of Jesus and His Best Friend Muhammad. Amen.

I am a co-heir in Christ and an ex-employee of Muhammad. I love them both and aiming to be a common Saint. Amen.

So why does Jesus support me in these miracles? Because I brought His Five Time Prayers and The Name of Allah Almighty, His Father in Heaven, to the world, especially the world of England. This happened in Derby.

Earlier in my childhood I had dreamed that I missed my evening prayers and I was crying. But Allah reinsured, that my reward is not lost. He turned back time so that I could pray five times, which I would do remaining Jewish Christian Muslim. Amen.