Doctor of Doctors

We believe that Jesus is Christ, The Healer. Coronavirus has no place in my life.

What I saw today was that Imam, Priest and Nurses were worried for corona virus, but ordinary individuals had more faith in the Holy Ghost of Jesus Christ. Therefore, I would urge all the saints to convince the Muslim priests that they teach in their mosques, that Jesus still is Christ, above all medicine and above all doctors. Ameen.

He must be acknowledged because whoever takes your life is a loser but whoever gives you life is your Lord. Therefore Jesus is Our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

Its All About You

It’s not about my daily chores

It’s not about my menus and dishes

It’s not about my dandy clothes

I’m really wearing you Jesus

Cause it’s all about you


It’s not that I don’t get bread

It’s not that I don’t get money

I am enriched by The Name

Because Jesus it’s all about you

Healed in Christ

I am healed from schizophrenia by Christ Jesus but my mother would not believe too soon. 😇💖🤔😘😍🤗😉

Therefore I pray they all believe Jesus Christ is the Only Way To Heaven. I am hoping for The Day To Come when all the sick will get healed.

I pray The Lord Jesus Comes.