Objectives JWM


Jesus World Mission is a Christian Mission dedicated for the persecuted Christians and those poor souls discriminated in jobs and social walks of life. Its main objectives are

  1. JESUS OF WORLD MISSION Zafar Bhatti Chairman Jesus of World Mission In Pakistan A Living Tribute
  2. JESUS OF WORLD MISSION After much thought and deliberation, getting inspiration from the life of Jesus, Rev. Zafar Bhatti has started what was once thought as inhibited in Pakistan. Jesus of World Mission has started from Quetta, the very hub of unsafe and unprivileged beloved people of Pakistan.
  3. JESUS OF WORLD MISSION With standard operating procedures of Non-Governmental Organization drilled into documentation, Zafar Bhatti started the registration process, gathering twelve members from each city. The primary founding members on the twelve executive members being The Chairman, The General Secretary and The Treasurer. Zafar Bhatti made sure to build a personal relationship of understanding and openness with the talented individuals to make them part of a whole team. He employed the skills each one has to match and complement the general purpose of the mission.
  4. JESUS OF WORLD MISSION Zafar Bhatti had in mind the vision of human development, church and education for the masses. He envisaged 25-point aims and objectives for projects to be done in future. They are mentioned in Jesus of World Mission Facebook fan page http://www.facebook.com/JesusOfWorldMission For your convenience, they are listed as under: As JESUS of World Mission – Lahore is non-commercial and non political and is committed to serve the mankind irrespective of the sex, caste, creed, race or religion as detailed below; -Working for the issues of civil organization especially for minorities.  Free Support and help for deprived and destitute communities of organization especially minorities and ignored sectors of society  Uniting all believers of Jesus in the world for the sole purpose of sharing love and caring above all matters of the world.  Eradication of poverty and unemployment through providing financial services especially for minorities.  Build the capacity of marginalized and poor communities for obtaining sustainable development by skills development and centers for informal
  5. JESUS OF WORLD MISSION education especially for minorities.  Women empowerment through ensuring the equal access to opportunities to participate in the process of sustainable development.  Make efforts for effective utilization of natural resources and protect environment.  To apply research and advocacy tools for establishing a culture of pro-poor policymaking.  To establish charitable institutions for the benefit and uplift of humanity and particularly for the welfare, education, health of the general public, and raising the standard of living of the financially handicapped families.  To establish educational institutions for the children of those under privileged and less fortunate families who are desirous to impart good education to their children but they handicapped due to lack of resources.  Christians Graveyard and Cemeteries free maintenance.  To provide scholarships to poor disabled, promising and intelligent students and to encourage them for their education and also to work for elimination of poverty, disease and to provide monetary assistance to the poor needy widows and orphans on monthly basis and particularly at the time of the marriage of orphans.  To impart technical education to the women about handicraft, sewing, stitching embroidery. So, that the poor women may be able to earn honest living.  To provide free medical facilities to people living with HIV/AIDS(PLHIV) TB, Malaria & General Patients.  To create awareness through conducting seminars, information programs, training workshop among the neglected people of different target areas.  To provide free legal aid to innocent prisoners’ poor needy and those who are in distress and cannot offered the expenses of litigation.  To urge the parents to send their children to schools and discharge child labor.  To establish charitable institution for the benefit and uplift of destitute and support less old ages persons and provide them amenities of life.  To work in cooperation with other societies of the like nature working towards such an ends as are aforesaid objectives of the society.  To do all such lawful things and take steps for the promotion of education.  To arrange, participate in workshops, seminars, Christian Conventions, variety shows and exhibitions.  To arrange for Pastor and Church Development and to freely impart Bible teaching.  To reorganize, revamp, restore, manage and up-grade any institution for free, which the Government may transfer to the said Federation.  To receive and accept grants, aids and donations and to rise, establish and maintain funds by subscription and contribution for the welfare and betterment of the said community by government institutions, universities, local donor/funding persons/agencies and international donor/funding organizations and persons.
  6. JESUS OF WORLD MISSION Zafar Bhatti made sure the members delivered their work on time and in spirit of the letter it is written. He made the work feel like a journey and he led the way.
  7. JESUS OF WORLD MISSION Here in Khanewal as we trained and developed the members for formal registration of Jesus of World Mission branch in their region, all were one in purpose and mission. We never saw such hospitality in the region and never the mission felt incomplete as we promised them to come back
  8. JESUS OF WORLD MISSION with good news. We were greeted with songs of celebration like never before. Zafar Bhatti stands in front acknowledging the respect with equal emphatic humility.
  9. JESUS OF WORLD MISSION I, as General Secretary is teaching my counterpart how to write documentation and keep future correspondences up to date with other members of branches through the standard processes. Chairman Zafar Bhatti is observing me while the rest of the members are noting down my words.
  10. JESUS OF WORLD MISSION We as Executive Members Jesus of World Mission are sorting the members list and having a formal introduction with the members of Khanewal branch. Zafar Bhatti is going to give the good news of the qualified new members selected and promoted. Please pray and hope that our branches increase with the human element of celebration and community welfare. Ahsan Nabi Khan General Secretary Jesus of World Mission In Pakistan http://www.facebook.com/JesusOfWorldMission