I am The Bride of Christ Jesus

Hi, I am Ahsan Nabi Khan. A Christian Evangelist currently in the UK. I was not a native here but God The Father brought me here as The Bride in The Wilderness. I am strong in Christ who strengthens me.

I started my journey as a Christian when I was baptized by Pastor Anwar Fazal in Lahore on Sunday 11 Sept 2011. Since then I have been in the protection of Jesus Christ, amidst many falls and springs.

I faced death threats and persecution, but my enemies lost their spine so soon as I moved on from one job to another. Then they offered to have job but not to take the name of Jesus, yet I took Jesus Name all the way, till I finally realized I have been transferred into United Kingdom, the only place designated by Jesus Christ as His Kingdom on Earth, where The Son never sets. People think they have independence, their kings and queens say let us break the bonds of the Jews, yet through Judah and Joseph Jesus Reigns them all, forever and ever. Christ has bestowed the Kingdom of God to His beloved Queen Elizabeth and her dear sons here on earth. As it is Mother Mary, Whom He has crowned as The Queen of Heaven, under whose shadow all the universe resteth!

Amen o

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