Why I Chose Christianity

Chapter 1

The Holy Spirit is directing me to write this book: Why I am a Christian Only. Its after I decided to take the three bags of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the faiths of Abraham, that I had in mind not to be too hard on myself and choose two. But then not two, The Spirit says Just One. And I believe in the conversations of God through The Son and The Spirit.

I attended mosques, churches, and thats it. But I realized when I read the Gospel of John, that there was The Father and The Son. I was blessed that Jesus helped me realize about His Father. His Father is Allah Almighty, Jehovah. How do we know? We know it because of the Epistle of John The Apostle and The Beloved of Christ. He said the enemy is the one who denies that Jesus is the Messiah. He is the same that denies The Father and The Son.

This is the time of coronavirus. They have stopped performing Hajj and stopped kissing the blackstone because they dont believe in any hope. But we in England still believe in the hope of Christ Jesus, although we dont embrace that much but we are not freaked out. This illness brings the best of Christianity. We still help mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, we gather in Churches and Praise The Doctor of all Doctors, Jesus Christ.

So to answer my question of “why I am a Christian only?” I would need to revise the incidents of my life. My painful life can be summarized by a new latest song in Spirit from the Christian Rock Band “Big Dismal” when it says

When I was a young child

You watched over me

You kept me safe inside your arms

Then you set me free

Then I flew away like a bird

Not knowing which way to go

The Light you gave me inside

It will always glow

This reminds me I was taught in A Levels by a Christian teacher, Sir Jaya Nathan. I used to ask questions, and he had a stammer in his mouth. One day, he was having a time out on the school canteen and I with my inquisitive mind asked a comparative question i dont know now. But I remember his words. He said

“Its all relative”

It reminded me of Einstein’s theory of relativity that I studied back in the O Levels. I always liked to be that kind of a scientist from the very beginning. And now I eat kosher meat and applying for MSc Data Analytics and PhD Computer Science with an h-index greater than my university professors. I am glad I got one good Christian teacher, Sir Jaya Nathan.

When I went into his flat where he taught for tuitions and extra studies, I saw a beautiful girl sitting on my left hand side. Today I see Ellie Bustin and imagine it was her. But to tell you the truth, what imprinted my mind was The Face of God, Father Jesus, a big photo in his tuition center. I am so cherished because I believe I am chosen in Christ from that time. From the very beginning.

I was born on Feast of Tabernacles, and it was also a holy day for the believers in my family. They called me Ahsan, after a holy elder who respected and learnt all the Koran by heart. I was preserved as a holy man and well-respected among all members of my family and well listened to. They believed I was a prodigy child. But it also vouchsafed the fact that our Nabi Khan family was blessed by Jesus Christ, chosen to represent The Tribe of Joseph, Bin Jacob, Bin Isaac, Bin Abraham, The Father of The Faithful.

Chapter 2

After applying for asylum in the United Kingdom, I recollected my past why I chose this direction. Here are the reasons which forms my testimony:

I am a Christian asylum seeker who escaped persecution in Pakistan. My testimony is spread into two parts: as the General Secretary Jesus World Mission and as a personal individual.

We had Jesus World Mission, an unregistered charity in Pakistan. The Chairman Revd. Zaffar Bhatti was arrested in summers 2012 by the Intelligence agencies for no reason. He was put under passport scandal charge, that was changed to blasphemy, and now he is being forced, but in vain, to become a Muslim. I after losing my phone lost my only contact with him.

In 2014, when I was diverted by my family from Revd. Zaffar Bhatti, I was given a job in Teradata. I worked there to support my poor family. While I was working there a news story spread that Chairman Revd. Zaffar Bhatti was shot in prison by blasphemy stalwarts. My parents avoided the situation by sending me to mental hospital regularly. Since I was a patient of schizophrenia, my difficulty was lessened by the usual circumstances in Pakistan that blasphemy victims are treated often in mental hospitals. Dr. Regina from Lahore Mental Hospital prescribed me Risperidone and Kemadrine, which kept me away from the unjust world out there, but yet jobless.

Now when the news story spread, there was also discrimination against me in all spheres of life because I was a Christian. In one instance, when in Teradata, the extremists blew themselves up in All Saints Church and St. John’s Church in Peshawar and I got a mental attack, the staff at Teradata refused to communicate with me and started discriminatory behaviour. Finally they terminated me and I ended up in mental asylum.

Whenever the Pakistani blasphemy stalwarts and the general muslim community there got to know I am a Christian, they tried to convert me to Islam. When they failed to make me forget Jesus, they fired, hit or threatened me, saying

“anything can happen to you.”

“We do not care for your Jesus.”

“We will kill you if you do not leave our office.”

Things have rotten in Pakistan where I used to do job. These dialogues were spoken in various software houses that got the right understanding that I will never turn back from the cross of Christ. One software house was in Bhatta Chowk Lahore, maintained by Mr Syed Shah and Asif Ghafoor in 2012.

Persecution is normal in Asia and especially celebrated by some blasphemy stalwart Sunnis in Pakistan. There are images of them celebrating burning of the houses in Joseph colony that was dedicated to Jesus Christ, a small abode for us poor Christians.

Revd. Zaffar Bhatti, the Chairman JWM is in Adyala Jail. The jail authorities there offered “If you convert to Islam we will spare you” increasing their impossible demands from each and every real Christian in their custody. I as an ex-Muslim had to act like Muslims so now they do not trust my faith in their prophets, which is good since I believe in the Prophets of Israel which they hate down to their core. However, I cannot explicitly deny Islam in Pakistan. Muslims always come to dissuade me from the Church on Sunday or on Easter or Christmas.

I needed a Christian community to maintain the sacraments and follow Christianity to the fullest and that is why England suits me.

Chapter 3

I have got this experience in my life of eight years as a baptized Christian that whenever we as Christians in Pakistan express our faith in the Unison and the Cross of Christ, the Trinity and our position as falling under Grace, muslims in Pakistan deny us, belittle us, intimidate, take collective revenge and economically boycott us. They harass our women and children and even abuse our men and women, including me. This saga of shame is so long that they are already published as a Trial of Christians in Pakistan, by a fellow prisoner in Christ, Mr. Nazir S Bhatti. He has requested refugee status for Christians in Pakistan.

As an individual, after the bomb blast, I also took the cross of Christ upon myself and evangelized in buses, trains and highways on the mountains in the Khyber Pukhtunkhwah. My evangelization summary is already quoted in my last book: “My Everything”.

I witness to the fact that in the aftermath of rising antisemitism and antichristian views of the extremist sunnis, our family of six that I baptized has suffered greatly. The most to suffer was me and the most to gain from it is in fact me also. I knew UK would not give me asylum had I contacted from Pakistan. The Christian advocates mentioned that asylum officers said first I have to appear in England and then ask. Therefore, I took courage, gathered money and came to England as a student. Once the supervisor in England, another muslim knew about my Christian faith, his enthusiasm also reverted to ignorance. This is especially disconcerting. I suffered from the same antisemitism in University of Derby by one professor and his team that recommended me mistaking to be of some religion they followed but terminated me when they realized I would never turn away from Jesus Christ. Dr. Ashiq Anjum terminated me because I am a Christian. We believe that we are holy and their prophet is a false prophet and hence not holy. Although I never shared my these views but I knew this goes without saying. Jesus helped me thwart their planning of International Islamic Empire in United Kingdom. Useless professor.

My father thinks I have accomplished much now that he is proud of me. He also emphasized that my personal life was the life of a special child and this is impressive. I know whoever has accepted The Son of God in his life, God gave him the greatest achievement of his life, that is a medallion, a badge, a title: I am a child of God.

Whom The Son Sets Free

O is free indeed

I am a Child of God

Yes, I Am

Chapter 4

Here is my personal life in Christ after I got baptized in Sept 11, 2011 by a Pentecostal Church in Lahore, Eternal Life Ministries, who is headed by Pastor Anwar Fazal. He blessed me and through his blessing I am still managing Jesus World Mission as a personal mission on facebook and jesusworldmission.net website.

As long as I stayed in Pakistan, just like the crusader Anwar Fazal, I shephereded my flock and as I moved to England with their blessings, I made sure I did enough to be able to support them always.

My first research paper was published in Christmas season of 2011. I got raised eyebrows from a teacher of mine from National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences when I said to them “Merry Christmas”. He considers himself zero because after all my education I became a Christian. Never mind. I had to mingle with likeminded Christians, which means a downgrade of statuses. My mother helped me understand that in Pakistan you would be downgraded as a Christian so better be a “Chhota” that is a smaller rank than theirs. I mingled on with Rev. Zaffar Bhatti, Sister Ghazala Khan and we made this Jesus World Mission. Sister Ghazala was another lawyer who helped me understand my new faith in Christ. She managed St. Mary’s Society and had been successful for so long, although her husband had left her. She was barely excused from the blasphemy accusation by her sagacity but had to attend all the lawsuits, which I escaped thanks to the clout of my Christian associations in my friends. Less and less university going friends loved me but I as John spread the word of Jesus with some intermingling of tact as an appeasement, which I confess is not a good way but I had to protect me and my family just like Sister Ghazala James Khan. She died in the court process from dysentry but Zaffar Bhatti lives. I was one among them, the poorest of the poors, then and now.

The first time that we three came together, I showed him on my laptop my passion for the Hebrew Psalms. He started sobbing. Zaffar was one lionhearted soul dedicated for Christ. His Bible study with me made me a man that I am. He also used to confess to my father “Ehsan bohot he achha hai” meaning

Ahsan is too good for this world.

Ahsan John is too good for this world. He knew who our friends and enemies were. He always fought our enemies, the usurpers of Christian lands and the enemies of the cross of Christ.

Chapter 5

In my youth ten years earlier, I was a reddy young faced thinker. My family appreciated my friendships with Christians and Jews online and I was pro-Israel. So were my mom and dad. Palestine and Kashmir were never our problem. We loved coke on opening fasts, mac donalds on special occassions. But on the television the blasphemy stalwarts acted as rebellious palestinians, radicals whom my father always wanted to block away from my side. I always saw them as wild men, some tamed to be seducers who took rape as a tool for vengeance. My father hence kept me safe from all their families and friends. We kept good company which meant keeping safe at home and friends among each other, the family of six. We do have strong bonds among our family of six but other distant family members rarely visited.

My paternal grandfather, Ajaz Nabi Khan, was also a likeness to a Jewish man, being a member of The British Army, rather than any Muslim fellow. Therefore, conversion was easy but keeping the faith difficult.

In the prevalent rape culture in Pakistan, if the lust of the employer is not satisfied, they do not hire Christians into important positions in the government or coporate sector. The child abusive gangs want it introduced in England too. Only after Revd. Zaffar Bhatti wrote about it in the local newspapers and shown it to me how some mullahs are helping land mafias and prostitution gangs in Lahore that he got arrested in 2012. I could later escape the unjust societal norms through my family links.

The English speaking ex-muslims like me, Pakistani muslims often consider blasphemers just for that fact that they say their prophet was fake. On the occassion of the showing of the rape and gangster movie “The Innocence of Muslims” by Pastor Terry Jones in 2014, Pakistani Muslims practically increased Christian rapings.

At that time I was a hostel student studying MSc from University of Engineering and Technology and was in a very vulnerable position as a single Christian among so many other people who witness that one of them said:

Burn him up!

Then they exploded bombs in a Church “All Saints Church” in Peshawar and acted normally proving they can rape. Their conscience is dead. A scarfed woman, when asked about a teacher absent from his room, said to me “Get Lost” in a threatening manner to me during those days in the examination time.

“Get Lost” further caused me, an openly schizophrenia patient to morally lose my position and get admitted to mental asylum again. My university UET did not let me sit in examination again despite my bringing a medical certificate, hence openly showing discrimination against Christians. She could have had me gunned down that makes me a stronger believer in Jesus Christ.

I have forgiven them all but prefer Christianity as Jesus Christ is the only Holy Figure in all that is called in the name of Jehovah, The God of Israel. He is holier than the rest. He inspired real holiness in Christians. Now He is My Lord and My Saviour. Amen.

Doctor of Doctors

We believe that Jesus is Christ, The Healer. Coronavirus has no place in my life.

What I saw today was that Imam, Priest and Nurses were worried for corona virus, but ordinary individuals had more faith in the Holy Ghost of Jesus Christ. Therefore, I would urge all the saints to convince the Muslim priests that they teach in their mosques, that Jesus still is Christ, above all medicine and above all doctors. Ameen.

He must be acknowledged because whoever takes your life is a loser but whoever gives you life is your Lord. Therefore Jesus is Our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

Its All About You

It’s not about my daily chores

It’s not about my menus and dishes

It’s not about my dandy clothes

I’m really wearing you Jesus

Cause it’s all about you


It’s not that I don’t get bread

It’s not that I don’t get money

I am enriched by The Name

Because Jesus it’s all about you

Healed in Christ

I am healed from schizophrenia by Christ Jesus but my mother would not believe too soon. 😇💖🤔😘😍🤗😉

Therefore I pray they all believe Jesus Christ is the Only Way To Heaven. I am hoping for The Day To Come when all the sick will get healed.

I pray The Lord Jesus Comes.