My Love My Love Why Hast Thou Forgotten Me

My Princess My Bride, You Know Jesu Christo has sent me for a purpose in Thiatera. We have so many stories to act out in the real Israel. We have to know each other to restart the wheel of life. So whenever you receive a call from me, confirm my number is the same. I am the same. God has only one seat reserved with you and that is beside me.

How to forgive betrayal of trust and wilful ignorance?

First let your friend repent, then forgive him, give him a placard to hold in the Cathedral. IsΕ•aelis are our friends. I know they love us. But not all believe in friendships with Jews and Christians.

Its better to serve the LORD with humble bowing rather than straight pride, for pride goes before fall.

Similarly, its at best to forgive others’ betrayal of trust and wilful sins. I pray The Lord bring real friends and believers into our lives, have mercy on our sincere friends. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen