Why I am a Christian Only

The Holy Spirit is directing me to write this book: Why I am a Christian Only. Its after I decided to take the three bags of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the faiths of Abraham, that I had in mind not to be too hard on myself and choose two. But then not two, The Spirit says Just One. And I believe in the conversations of God through The Son and The Spirit.

I attended mosques, churches, and thats it. But I realized when I read the Gospel of John, that there was The Father and The Son. I was blessed that Jesus helped me realize about His Father. His Father is Allah Almighty, Jehovah, but not the Muslim Allah. How do we know? We know it because of the Epistle of John The Apostle and The Beloved of Christ. He said the enemy is the one who denies that Jesus is the Messiah. He is the same that denies The Father and The Son.

This is the time of coronavirus. They have stopped performing Hajj and stopped kissing the blackstone because they dont believe in any hope. But we in England still believe in the hope of Christ Jesus, although we dont embrace that much but we are not freaked out. This illness brings the best of Christianity. We still help mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, we gather in Churches and Praise The Doctor of all Doctors, Jesus Christ.

Doctor of Doctors

We believe that Jesus is Christ, The Healer. Coronavirus has no place in my life.

What I saw today was that Imam, Priest and Nurses were worried for corona virus, but ordinary individuals had more faith in the Holy Ghost of Jesus Christ. Therefore, I would urge all the saints to convince the Muslim priests that they teach in their mosques, that Jesus still is Christ, above all medicine and above all doctors. Ameen.

He must be acknowledged because whoever takes your life is a loser but whoever gives you life is your Lord. Therefore Jesus is Our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

Its All About You

It’s not about my daily chores

It’s not about my menus and dishes

It’s not about my dandy clothes

I’m really wearing you Jesus

Cause it’s all about you


It’s not that I don’t get bread

It’s not that I don’t get money

I am enriched by The Name

Because Jesus it’s all about you

Ahsan Johns Testimony

Thanks to my Christian Faith Family and dearest friend Chilkuri Sushil Rao from The Gospel Truth Newspaper,

Here is my testimony


This staunch Muslim of Pakistan was asked to join ‘Jihad’ but instead chose Jesus who he saw in a vision.

Ahsan Nabi Khan of Lahore, Pakistan was urged to join Jihad. He was a hardcore Muslim.  Khan openly showed his hatred towards Jesus and Christians. But one day, he saw Jesus. His life changed. The 32-year-old had a miraculous change of heart and now proclaims the name of Jesus. He faces threats but he is not scared. Life wasn’t easy for Khan before he found peace in Jesus Christ. “I suffered from mental disorders since September 11, 2001. Doctors diagnosed it as schizoaffective disorder.  I felt helpless, and could not concentrate on work, had anxiety of going into hell, of starving to death because of joblessness,” he recalls. Being the staunch Muslim that he was, Khan urged people to accept Shariah.  Several times he even broke the TV set at home because he considered it  ‘immorality’. So strong were his views that he even, burned his grandfather’s wall photos as he saw them to be  ‘haraam’ and ‘idolatory’ in Salafi Law.  “I had intolerant views about Jews and Christians,” he says. And a time came when he was invited to join Mullah Omer in Jihad. He, however, did not. But Khan wanted to live as per the Koran. That meant quitting several jobs. Life became tough. “Completely failed, depressed, hopeless, I finally attempted suicide by swallowing many doses of a medicine,” he says. But he was rushed to the hospital. He even had to be periodically taken to the mental hospital for his behavior.

“There I used to shout out verses of Koran loudly criticizing the claim that Jesus Christ is Son of God, until I met real Christians there. I saw Jesus movie, I discussed in chat online, until one day I dreamt of Jesus coming as Emmanuel down from heaven as ‘God With Us’. This was 2011. After getting baptized on Sunday, September 11, 2011, my whole attitude on life changed. No Jihad. No War. No Shariah. Love. Tolerance. Hope. Suffering with Patience.  And Healed in Christ Jesus from all mental disorders,” Ahsan Nabi Khan explains. Doctors and family also vouched for the fact that he had become completely alright. But standing up for Jesus was has not been easy. “I have faced death threats in offices and universities, discredited, ignored, and denied. But I still believe in Jesus, walk the talk with Him and stand up for my principles. I will never be the same again,” he says.

Honouring Abba

The Lord has answered our prayers.

Below is quoted from a beloved friend from thegospeltruthnewspaper.com

Asia Bibi who was on death-row in Pakistan has been acquitted by the Supreme Court.

Pakistan’s highest court on Wednesday ordered the release of a poor, illiterate Christian woman who had been sentenced to death for blasphemy, setting off a wave of demonstrations by hard-line Islamists nationwide but drawing praise from human rights activists. The Supreme Court overturned the conviction against Asia Bibi, accused in 2009 of insulting the Prophet Muhammad in a case that sparked violent protests in the overwhelmingly Muslim nation of 200 million people. Two Pakistani government officials were murdered in 2011 in crimes linked to their support of Bibi. “It’s ironic that in the Arabic language the appellant’s name Asia means ‘sinful,’ the judges wrote. “But in the circumstances of the present case she appears to be a person, in the words of Shakespeare’s King Lear, ‘more sinned against than sinning’.” Chief Justice Saqib noted that tolerance is the “basic principle” of Islam. Pakistan Peoples Party leader Sherry Rehman cheered the verdict on Twitter: “False accusers took half her life away. Now the state must protect all those who stand for the rule of law and justice. We have all been witness to the havoc mobs have wreaked to red lines before.” But the future of blasphemy laws in Pakistan is far from settled. The laws remain popular in Pakistan, and Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed support for them during the recent election campaign. After the decision on Bibi was announced, the Islamist political party Tehreek-e-Labaik said Saqib and the other judges deserve death under Islamic law. That drew a sharp rebuke from Khan. “The state will fulfill its responsibility of protecting the lives and properties of people and take strict action against violators,” he said in a speech broadcast across the country. As appeared in usatoday.com.